Love for hand-knitted & -crocheted beauty. Proud designer & founder of LN|Beanies and LN|Andes, my two knit brands, my two loves.

I always get extremely excited by this time of the year, namely the end of the summer holidays, since I started knitting my LN|Beanies, already 8 years ago. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Well, I’m a winter person. Where most people look forward to warm & sweaty summer days, cocktails and bikinis, I look forward to cold & snowy Winter days with hot chocolates, grilled chestnuts and of course, heavy knits!



Talking about knits… I’d love to give you an update on what I have been up to these past few weeks regarding my two loves, namely LN|Andes & LN|Beanies.

First 4 days of August my fantastic team and me travelled to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to shoot the new LN|Beanie Winter 2012-2013 collection. Two days of traveling, two days of shooting! It was going to be very very tight, but as we’re all friends and all hard working people, we were more than sure to absolutely ‘nail’ it! And so we did!

I proudly present you the team:

–       Griet Hendrickx, my beloved Peru traveling partner & LN|Andes photographer, is now also officially also shooting for LN|Beanies. Her pictures are breathtaking!

–       Roxanne Stevens aka ‘It-rox’, who also did the styling for LN|Andes, styled all the outfits of the LN|Beanies models & was the hyperactive force behind the scenes. If you ever need an amazing organiser… One address! Oh yes, and if you ever need a place to stay in Antwerp, check out here B&B, Rosier 10, as well!

–       Charlotte Kegels, my 5,5 year younger sister/model and hottest girl in town, rocked the entire LN|Beanies collection.

Weaponed with a tremendous amount of clothes and a ton of energy we managed to shoot almost the entire collection of LN|Beanies in only 2 days. The result is fantastic… Stunning location, amazing knits, beautiful models, great vibes, … Couldn’t have been better!

Now that the ‘look book’ pictures are finished, and the ‘pack-shot’ pictures are half way, I can almost start updating the LN|Beanies website. The current items you can find on are still from last year’s collection. By the beginning of September the new collection will be on-line, ready for you to go completely wild!

Bear in mind that every piece is still made by hand, no mass production!

The new Winter 2012-2013 LN|Beanies collection consists of the following items, all in 12 colours.

–       Baggy beanies (classic)

–       Jacques Cousteau beanies (new!)

–       XXL beanies (new!)

–       Headband beanies (new!)

–       Knot headband (classic)

–       20’s style headband (classic)

–       Mittens (classic)

–       Collars (new!)

–       Heavy knitted 100% cable scarf (new!)

–       Heavy knitted 1/3 cable knit scarf (new!)

Of course you can always design your very own item in the ‘LN|Lab’ or just sent me an e-mail if you can’t find what you are looking for or if you need some extra information!

Know as well that from this year on you can also make an ‘appointment’ to come to the LN|Beanies & LN|Andes showroom, located in Borgerhout, Belgium. There you can preview & try-out both collection, while enjoying a glass of champagne or a cold beer! Shopping should always be one big party! And especially when you are shopping for beautiful 100% baby Alpaca knits ;-)!

So, regarding the LN|Beanies collection… Stay tuned!

The LN|Andes webshop however, is completely finished. To be honest, I still think is one of the nicer webshops I have seen! All thanks to top designer Laurent Laporta, web designer Christoph Boost and web developer Michel Neven. How I love to work with young, motivated & creative people!

There you go…. A small update on my LN|’ life & loves.

Hopefully I will see/hear from you guys soon!



Ps: A big thank you to Sandra Hasselbach from ESKIMOS, snowboard- & ski school located in Saas-Fee, for finding the gorgeous models, namely Laurence Young, Ronald Egbertzen, Jewel Mackenzie, Virginea Simeon & Dominik Steiner. Props up to you guys!




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  1. November 25, 2012

    Hi LN, I am so inspired by the success of your blog and making it into a profession that I have nominated you for the 2012 Blog of the Year Award. Congratulations ! Emily aka Bella.

  2. November 26, 2012

    Hi Emily!

    Wauw, thank you so much for nominating me and for the huge compliment of coarse!
    I feel honored :). When will be the winner be announced?

    In 6 weeks I’m traveling back so Peru for 10 days, I will be updating my blog again! Can’t wait ;-)!

    Hope all is well!



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