Love for hand-knitted & -crocheted beauty. Proud designer & founder of LN|Beanies and LN|Andes, my two knit brands, my two loves.


Finally, writing again straight from, what starts to feel like my second home, Peru.

Yesterday morning Griet, Anneleen, my lovely sister that joined the LN team officially last month,  and me travelled off to Lima. A 24h trip that started off great. Apparently LNknits is starting to become quite known outside of Belgium too, since I got recognized as ‘beanie!’ by a lovely KLM crew member, Claudie. (Apparently my name this these is no longer LN but ‘beanie’ J). Her son is a proud owner of an LN Baggy beanie. Cute! We got pampered during the entire flight. Thanks for that!

Since there is a 6-hour difference between Belgium and Lima, being jetlagged is quite standard. Waking up early calls for an early morning work out! A 10K run along Miraflores Coastline, best wake-up call there is! Since today is one of the very rare ‘leisure’ days we have during this business trip, we took full advantage of it. My palest skinn is a very long time was very happy to soak in some vitamine D. 27 degrees and a chilly sea breeze calls for endless long strolls around town (did you know that ‘strolling’ is one of the things I love doing most?).


First stop: Barranco. During my last trip in January 2013 I discovered this beautiful old neo-colonial surf-feel borough of Lima and fell immediately in love with it. Not only with its romantic architecture, but also with its yummy food! The best Cevicheria in Lima: La Canta Rana! Ohw my… Did I indulge on fresh seafood ceviche, grilled salty corn knibbels and yes (sorry personal trainer Johan), a vino blanco dulce. This is heaven!  Ceviche = finger licking good. (You should try my own version Peruvian/Thai ceviche version… even won a prize for it J).


Since weather in Lima at this moment is sunny and nice, but tends to get chilly in the late afternoon and evening, my LNAndes is always close by hand. The fresh summer colours of this season SS2014 fit perfectly into this scenery. (Note to that: If you are interested in an LNAndes, packages are being made and will be shipped every Tuesday and Thursday during my stay here).ImageImage

So yes, a ‘holy Sunday’ as today cannot go without a frozen yoghurt, my Peruvian “moochie”!

Tomorrow Anneleen and I will be going for a 15km run (we’re training for the ten miles J) before we leave for Ayacucho! Ayacucho is where all the magic happens. Where Alpaca’s are herd, Alpaca yarn is being made and where young Peruvian mothers and ladies are turning rough alpaca into beautiful knitwear, and that, all by hand.

We’ll be staying 8 days in Ayacucho and our work schedule is quite packed I must say. From sampling follow ups, to photoshoots, to writing blogposts, to negotiate and to get inspired by life in a non touristy-Andes village. Add the extra work of Belgian mail traffic and you know that we will not be sitting on our ‘petites feces’. (It’s French, you can look that up J).Image

In total we have got 7 killer blogposts for you!

Hope you will enjoy them!





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  1. Chris Verhoeven #
    March 17, 2014

    Dag Ellen, blij je te horen uit Peru. Laat je inspireren en geef je enthousiasme door aan de breimeisjes ginder.!!! X Chris

  2. Van der Auwera Hilde #
    March 17, 2014

    You are back in Peru, that is just wonderful! I wish you a lovely time there, working there must be beautiful, I hope you may find the finest yarn, and I would love to read you again very soon. Stay safe and enjoy your time there! Lots of greetings, Hilde.

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