Love for hand-knitted & -crocheted beauty. Proud designer & founder of LN|Beanies and LN|Andes, my two knit brands, my two loves.


Picturesque is the perfect word to describe our last few days in Ayacucho. Of course we’re not only here to dance with the lovely knitting ladies and to cuddle with the cutest alpaca’s, we’re also here to follow up the production of theLNAndes FW2014 and the LNBeanies FW2014 collection, and to shoot the lookbook of LNAndes FW2014 in the streets of Ayacucho.

Being a fashion knitwear brand that is completely handmade, is far from being a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time and effort to have the perfect sample to be remade by 150 knitting ladies who all knit differently. No LNKnit will ever be completely identical to another LNKnit.


Where LNKnits started off 2,5 years ago with a basic collection of only scarves and beanies, today the collection for both brands has extended way more. LNAndes now exists of 3 sizes of scarves, 3 sweaters and vests and a matching baggy beanie. LNBeanies offers even more beautiful knits, for women, men and children. Beanies, scarves, sweaters, vests, headbands, mittens, bed socks… You name it!

Following up the samples of the new collection of LNBeanies FW2014 is quite challenging. We are now working with a 2nd new type of 100% baby alpaca, that is a lot lighter and less fluffy, but that is as soft as the heavier type we use for smaller LNBeanies items. But a new type of yarn, asks for more follow up since it knits differently.

Fitting, measuring, trying, explaining, fitting once more … Before we leave to Lima this afternoon, we have another great amount of samples to fit. All very exciting, yet stressful! Read all about the new collection of LNKnits later on the blog.


In order to thank all the great work all 150 knitting ladies have done and still do, we surprised them with 10 huge typical Peruvian, extremely sweet, chocolate-cream cake! They just had a tournament of football, so all the sportive ladies (and hey, they play pretty darn good!)were more than up for a yummy piece of cake! Hopefully by next year, Anneleen and I will be able to pass by with 15 or even more pies!


As we would say in Belgium ‘in between the soup and the potatoes’ we also had to shoot the entire FW2014 LNANDES lookbook. 10 killer pictures all taken in the streets of Ayacucho, against the typical pastel stonewalls. Thank god my skin is looking better than ever thanks to a loyal usage of Clinique. It’s only Griet and me. No make-up artist, no Roxane Stevens aka my ultimate stylist by my side, but I must say, darn good pictures! Thank god for beautiful Peruvian light. Very excited to show you the pictures soon. First all eyes on the current beautiful LNAndes SS2014 collection.

Off to work!

Ready to start fitting,

Next blog post will be one from Lima, before we head back to Belgium on Wednesday.

How time flies…





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